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Case Studies

Our advisors and Key Workers have helped people across Yorkshire & the Humber to improve their employability skills and change their lives. Take a look at our case studies showing how we have helped people to be the best they can be.

Joining the Bradford Employment Hub pays off for Divya!

Divya had been unemployed for almost 12 months and was struggling to gain sustainable employment due to a lack of employability skills and low confidence when she joined the Bradford Employment Hub in Feb 2021. After an initial assessment, her key worker, Eva, worked with her to put together an agreed action plan that included […]

Fanta’s Story

We’re very proud of how Fanta has overcome issues including housing and having a baby during the pandemic – improving her English and IT skills and developing her confidence and well-being, supported by our Lone Parent Mentor, Luiz. Watch the inspiring case study here…

From redundancy to a new job with help from Progress2work

We’re proud of the impact that our progress2work team can have. Take a look at this case study showing how we supported this participant to grow in confidence and secure a great job. “I self-referred myself to progress2work after seeing a post on social media promoting the service. I was keen to get back into […]

Digital Insight and Lone Parent CLLD Programmes keep it in the family!

Janet was referred to our Digital Insight programme. She had worked for some years as a full-time carer but found herself out of work with no digital skills to apply for a new role. Janet had been advised about a job that she wanted to apply for as a Transport Assistant for vulnerable adults and […]

Phillip’s life changes for the better with support from the Bradford Employment Hub

In 2018 Phillip relocated from Africa to the UK. Since moving, Phillip has worked very hard to improve his English language skills. In 2019, he completed a Level 1 ESOL course and was working to earn his Level 2, although due to the pandemic and unexpected personal circumstances, was unable to complete it. During the […]

My Virtual Medal: from conception to today

Aspire2lead is part-funded by the European Social Fund. Have a read of an aspire2lead’s delegates journey! She tells her story of starting and ‘running’ her business with our Women’s Entrepreneur strand, headed up by Yorkshire in Business. 2020 was an unforgettable year. We certainly rediscovered ourselves and I’m no exception! However, 2020 was also the […]

How Miloud secured his dream job

At thirty-six years old and after being unemployed for four months, Miloud believed his chance of finding a sustainable job was extremely limited. In fact, his confidence had been knocked and he had started to give up hope. Then, Miloud was introduced to The Bradford Employment Hub and his life changed for the better. The […]

Getting back into the recruitment process

SC joined the Bradford Employment Hub in January 2020. SC had not worked since the 1980s. They suffered from ongoing cognitive health issues that had been with them since they were a teenager. Having completed education to a high standard, SC had gained employment. However they were unable to sustain their work when they were […]

Maame attains her dream

Maame Yaa Oforiwaa is a single mother caring for 4 children – relocated from Africa to the UK. Her husband divorced her and moved to London, leaving her with four young children, no house and no money. She found it difficult to cope with the stress of raising the children and paying for childcare alone. […]

Transforming LF’s application process

LF joined the Bradford Employment Hub in early June 2020 as a mature adult with a good work history. Regardless, they were not getting replies to any employment applications. They were thereby frustrated with the entire process, not understanding their lack of success. When our staff further engaged with LF, we pinpointed the source of […]

Diane gains experience as a receptionist for Aspire-igen

At the age of thirty nine, Diane had been unemployed for eighteen years. She suffered from anxiety, depression and low self esteem. This lack of confidence is what continued to affect her performance and success over the years. Throughout this time, she claimed no benefits and had no ID documentation. Seeking to make a change, […]

Stories of ATI – Laura’s story

Aspire-igen is pleased to be a delivery partner for the Action Towards Inclusion project.  This £7m programme is a three-year project funded by the Big Lottery and the European Social Fund for the York, North Yorkshire and East Riding LEP area.  The programme offers flexible support to help adults overcome physical, psychological, financial and skills-related barriers […]

Age is no bar to successful skills transfer

Howard had a successful career as a recruitment consultant, but following redundancy he just couldn’t find another job.  After approaching aspire-igen’s Routes to Work 50+ programme, we introduced him to the Gumption Centre in Bradford as we knew they had a vacancy for a bar and events manager.  With his positive manner and excellent people […]

Jenny inspired to go after her dream job

Jenny was unemployed after her job as a door to door canvasser ended. Jenny also had previous experience as a carer. However, her ideal job was working on the ports as a dock worker. Jenny believed that this would be difficult with dock workers being a male dominant environment. Jenny came to see Amanda Gregory […]

Saleem gets experience in aspire-igen’s marketing department

Saleem came to see a Careers Adviser at aspire-igen to discuss his future career path. He’d recently gained a great degree in marketing and had some good work experience under his belt but felt like he needed some more to boost his confidence. The Careers Adviser arranged for Saleem to complete one week’s work experience […]

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